Hey everyone! Next Wednesday, May 16, I’ll be competing in the Miss Sabores 2012 Pageant as Gia Ferrari, brought to you by Bienestar’s Sabores Youth Program, at The Arena Nightclub in Hollywood! The event will be hosted by none other than RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, Carmen Carrera! There will be a VIP Meet & Greet with Carmen, free rapid HIV testing, a fashion show featuring AaronRay Carrera’s underwear designs, and an all around great night! Whoever is in the area should definitely come out and support, and spread the word! <3
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    Just a friendly reminder! It’s THIS Wednesday!
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    carmen I want to meet you so bad and Arena is cool with underage up in their clubs omfg carmen! JIZZ
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    Me too! I wanna meet Carmen!
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    I want to go :o
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