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The other night I performed with my boyfriend and best friend at 340 Nightclub finals and got 2nd place! Three more points and we would’ve won $1,000 :( 

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Episode 2 Review

Here we go again! This week, we met the second set of seven queens fighting for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar! I’m going to try to keep this short, as I have to go be butch at my job rather shortly! 


BIANCA DEL RIO: Her entrance look was cute, nothing great, but biiiitch do I live for her. She knows how to read without being nasty (a la Phi Phi & Roxxxy Andrews) and it’s hilarious! I’ve been watching a lot of her videos on Youtube and I would love for her to come to my local club to host a drag show, it’d be eeeeverything! I love the rasp in her voice lolol. Her runway look, to me, wasn’t wonderful and I don’t think should have won. I think two other queens had a better outfit, but oh well, what can I do about it NOTHING I TELL YOU. Oh and I guess I should mention what the main challenge was lol: they each had a different box representing different types of parties and they had to make an outfit with the stuff in the boxes. Bianca got luau, I think.  I’m not a huge fan of her eye makeup. Her crease definitely needs a little more blending. It kinda looks like she has swollen eyelids. Anyway, I can’t wait to see her throughout the season ‘cause this bitch is going to be entertainting!

TRINITY K BONET: Let’s be real here.. nobody expected Miss Trinity to stand out. She does have a boring personality, but she is fiiiierce. I loved her entrance look, it was glamorous with a touch of edginess. Has anyone else noticed that she wears fake teeth when in drag? ‘cause her barbecue got cancelled as a boy! In the main challenge, Trinity got a princess party box and she turned. it. out. I loved the futuristic take she had on the outfit, her makeup was gorg! I didn’t mind the cardboard neck piece, but she did look a lot better without it on. I LOLed when Michelle called it a pizza box because my drag mother has used a pizza box to make headpieces out of hahahh. Whatever works, right?! Also, she’s one of the two queens that I feel should’ve won this challenge over Bianca. Let’s see how well Trinity does in the acting challenge!

MILK: I feel her type of drag is definitely different but she has it polished! Her entrance look gave me life with the toilet paper stuck to her shoe, and that outfit is definitely something I would wear! For her runway, she got the Toga Party box and biiitch did she give me a look! I do agree with Santino that maybe she shouldn’t have done the beard, but hey! She still looked good! and she’s tall as fuck. She’s the second queen I think should’ve won.. maybe just a little more than Trinity tbh.

JOSLYN FOX: Joslyn was okayyy. She’s not spectacular and she’s not terrible. Her giggle is a tad bit annoying, not gonna lie. Her entrance look was very simple, nothing to gag over. Her runway look (quinceanera.. or as Trinity says, quinceaneta) was just too much! I compared her to my boyfriend ‘cause when my boyfriend does drag he just likes to pile on the jewelry and anything else that fits lolol, luckily he’s been editing his looks a bit more lately. Anyway, I don’t feel Joslyn is going to last too much longer, but we shall seeee!

COURTNEY ACT: Courtney is beautiful, but I honestly don’t see the fascination toward her. Her entrance look was good, she looked amazing and I like how down to earth she seems.. but I did not like her runway look. Everyone says she has this amazing body, and I agree, but as a boy. In drag, I feel she should pad because her body is just a brick and does not look feminine like Carmen’s in Season 3 or even Willam’s. The outfit itself was very basic and she was slipping just like Laganja was last week. I know she’ll be around a while and I know she has some fierce looks up her sleeve, so I can’t wait  to see!

DARIENNE LAKE: Darienne is everything! I had seen an episode of Ricky Lake she came out in and I’ve loved her since! She’s hilarious and her entrance look was very cute. She got the St. Patrick’s Day Party Box and girl… no. She could have done sooo much better with that, but it was just very pedestrian.. and I don’t even think pedestrians would wear a skirt like that! 

MAGNOLIA CRAWFORD: I was definitely rooting for Magnolia since the Meet the Queens video since everyone else seemed to have dismissed her. I don’t mind her nose contour at all. She really reminds me of me in her quirkyness, BUT THAT ALL CHANGED WHEN THE FIRE NATION ATTACKED. and by that I mean her attitude on the runway was not cute at all. She got Hoedown Party and she could’ve done soooo much with that but she was just complaining about how ugly everything in her box was EVEN THOUGH she claims to make really ugly things beautiful. I’ve been wanting to do a performance dressed as a cow and I feel I could’ve turned it more than her, and even if I didn’t, I would’ve tried to sell my personality to keep me in the game! I don’t hate her but I’m very disappointed in her and I’m glad she went home. Oh yeah..


The bottom two were Miss Darienne Lake and, of course, Magnoooolia Crawford. Again, this was a rather lackluster lipsync like last week.. I hope they get more exciting after this ‘cause I have not been impressed in the slightest. Magnolia went home, and I hope she learns from this.. and I’d really like to meet her!

Next week, the two groups finally rejoin and I’m super excited to see what unfolds! As a whole, the two premieres were lacking something that I can’t quite put my finger on.. but I hope the rest of the season has whatever it is these two episodes were missing. Until next week folks, stay fierce, stay fabulous, stay fresh <3

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Episode 1 Part 1 Review

So I know I’m a few days late, but I’ve been super busy as it’s the first week of school so I haven’t been able to write. Since last season, I had been wanting to do weekly video reviews but never got around to doing so, and it looks like this season I probably won’t be able to do video reviews either, so I’m going to write them out instead! Because all the essays I have to write this semester aren’t enough, right!? :D 

First off, let me introduce myself to those that don’t know me, which is probably all of you. My name is Sergio and I’m from the lovely city of Pomona, California. As a drag queen, I go by Gia Ferrari (Gia coming from Sergia and Ferrari because they’re fancy cars, I guess?). I’ve been watching the show from the very beginning (I actually watched Season 1 online after it had aired and before Season 2 started, but oh well). I’ve been doing drag since the summer of 2011, and it started off as something I only did every few months for my youth group’s bi-annual events, but then I started performing more often at the local nightclub (340 Nightclub, where Raven from Season 2 and All-Stars has a show every Friday night). I’ve seen many, many drag queens over the years, and I’m all for queens doing their own style and making it werk. When someone tells me they want to perform but don’t know what they’d do, I say “find something you’re good at and perfect it!” I don’t like to get involved in the local drag drama; I tend to try to make friends with the nice, humble queens, because nicer is better, right? -puts on reading glasses-

Anyway, on to the episode since I’m sure you stopped caring a long time ago! Entrance looks! I don’t remember the exact order they came in, so forgive me if I go out of order at any point. 

I ASSUME YOU’VE ALL ALREADY SEEN THE EPISODE. If not, then I guess spoilers ahead?

ADORE DELANO: I was a little excited when I found out Adore was going to be on the show since my best friend is friends with her and she lives like 15 minutes away from my house near my Aunt Beatriz. Having said that, I feel that her looks are either hit or miss. Sometimes I live for them, sometimes I think she could do so much better. Her entrance look was cute, but nothing I would write home about. Her wig looked like one of my wigs that I buy on Amazon for $12, pull them out of the bag, slap it on my head, and call it a day. I do love her facial expressions, though, and she’s hilarious! 

BENDELACREME: Is it BenDeLaCreme, Ben De La Creme, or Ben Delacreme? I loved her. She was super cute coming in, and I thought, out of everybody, she was the most beautiful. And girl, the transformation from boy to girl is remarkable! The way he changes his voice and keeps up with it! I try to change my voice and forget I’m doing so and end up sounding like a boy going through puberty. Anyway, I loved her sense of humor. 

LAGANJA ESTRANJA: Like Adore, I was also excited to find out that Laganja was on the show because she’s performed at the 340 Nightclub here in my hometown (we’ve actually performed on the same night (Cinco de Mayo 2013) in the same competition [she got 2nd place and I got 5th out of 13 queens]). I thought her entrance look was everything! Definitely something I would wear. I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about the shablam (or deathdrop.. I prefer shablam) because “everyone does it,” but not everybody does it as clean as she does. I’ve seen a lot of shablams and hers is one of the best. However, I do agree with a lot of people saying that her personality seems very forced, like she’s trying too hard with all these drag terms. I’m just like, girl, tone it down a notch! I’ve been in the same dressing room as her so I know that’s not how she really talks. Either way, I still think she’s sickening and I’m super excited to see what she brings to the show. Also, she’s following me here on tumblr so HAY GURL.

APRIL CARRIÓN: I actually thought her parachute look was a cool idea! Like, yeah I just flew in from Puerto Rico, how y’all bitches doing? I don’t really have much to say on her yet, though, other than the fact that’s she’s cute as a boy and gorgeous as a girl. 

GIA GUNN: Bitch stole my name, I hate her! Just kidding, she’s totally representing all the Gias out there~ Her style is something that, if I had the resources (money), I would totally do! Until then, thrift store couture will have to do for me. Anyway, a lot of people are writing her off for being the bitch of the season, but I don’t think she’s the bitch of the season at all! I love her comments on everything. I’m definitely keeping an eye on her.

KELLY MANTLE: Kelly’s entrance look was okay. Just okay. I think she is hilarious, though! The way she talks is totally super cute :)

VIVACIOUS: I lived for everything about her entrance! Ornacia, “Motha has arrived!”, and her not being able to unzip her outfit. HOWEVER.. as much as I love her style of drag, I feel like it’s not as polished as it could be.. if that makes sense? I’ll get more into it in the next segment which is..

RUNWAY LOOKS. I didn’t care much for the photo challenge (and I don’t remember many of the photos) so I’m skipping it, if you don’t mind. The main challenge consisted of each queen getting a box filled with stuff that represented different TV shows, none of which I’ve seen, so I don’t know how accurate their outfits represented each show.

ADORE (Honey Boo Boo): Girl, her runway look was sloppy, let’s be real (even though I probably would’ve glued the outfit to the mannequin too, lolol). I performed a duet with my boyfriend once and he wrapped two yards of blue fabric around himself and called it a gown and that’s exactly what Adore looked like she did, with a weird looking tulle bow on her chest. I liked her makeup, though. I hope she steps it up!

BENDELACREME (Golden Girls): I wish I had hot gluing skills like her, that dress was amazing! She face looked good, her body was right, the cheesecake made me hungry, it was everything. Super happy that she won the challenge, even though April gave her some good competition.. but just the fact that Ben hot glued the whole things made her outfit just a tad more sickening.

APRIL (Duck Dynasty): Her outfit was fierce! It reminded me quite a bit of Phi Phi’s Season 4 Episode 1 runway outfit. I don’t really have much else to say about her on the runway except for Adam totally wanted to pound her. Also, in Untucked, the contour on the side of her head was kinda bothering me a little bit. It looked like a line just going straight through her hair. OH, and Ru saying she doesn’t like when queens use their real hair made me LOOOOL because I totally use my real hair all the time. :(

LAGANJA (Dancing with the Stars): Hmmm.. her outfit seemed very amateur-ish. She was slipping with wedges on. I was a bit disappointed, not gonna lie.. but have y’all seen her re-imagined version of that outfit she posted on instagram? SO. MUCH. BETTER. 

GIA (Keeping Up with the Kardashians): Her look was cute. Nothing great. Nothing bad. Definitely just safe. Definitely something I would wear lol. 

The bottom two:

KELLY (Downton Abbey) and VIVACIOUS (Game of Thrones): I didn’t think Kelly’s outfit was that bad. It was a little bad, but not thaaaat bad. The bacon comment was actually really funny. Vi’s outfit was probably a little worse, though I loved her walk. Like I mentioned earlier, I feel Vi could be a little more polished with her style. If you’re going to do club kid, cool, that’s wonderful, but I just feel hers could be so much better, especially for how long she’s been doing it. I didn’t want either of them to go home, though. Actually, I would’ve been sad to see any of them go home! but of course, we all know what happened…

They lip synced to Express Yourself by Madonna, and it was rather a lackluster performance from both of them. I was expecting Vi to SLAY Kelly because I feel Vi can definitely slay on the stage, but she kinda just barely beat her. Alas, Kelly was the one that went home, which I was very upset about because I wanted to see her in the later challenges. Oh well.

Damn, I didn’t realize how much I wrote, hahaha. Props to you if you read the whole thing. NEXT WEEK we meet the remaining seven queens, which, from the first ten minutes that were shown, I’m already much more excited about than this first set of seven. 

Also, I didn’t go over the review, so if it has any mistakes, I apologize.
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I have a performance coming up in a few weeks and I need to figure out how to make exaggeratedly large boobs, I mean I want them to extend at least a foot in front of my chest, does anyone have any ideas on how I could go about making them? 

If you’ve seen the 3 second video of the guy running by the car with his dogs with the Milkshake song playing in the background, that’s how exaggerated I would like them hahaha.