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Sergio. 24. California.
Selfie: behind the scenes
On my day off I play Pokemanz.
Transformation Tuesday! :)
Last night’s company Christmas party with my love <3
It’s far from perfect but I’m pretty damn proud of myself for making this! Been wanting to do it since last year :)
The left picture is the first time I ever did my own makeup lololol, and the right was done last week. Crazy how much I’ve improved in five months! :D
I tried making the exact same face I did as Gia but failed lol! What do y’all think? I did the makeup myself, I’m seeing a lot of improvement :)
When you see it.
Who would’ve thought 9 1/2 years ago that in 9 1/2 years he’d be mine?
Right before and immediately after I washed my face. You can see the marks the corset left on my body lolol.
Yesterday my coworker Jessica thought it’d be funny to put a big sticker on my back BUT IT WASN’T FUNNY OK I’M TRAHMATIZED!!
The magical apron that turns me into a lesbian. :)